Baggage Allowances

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viation security is our utmost concern and to ensure that your travel is easy, comfortable and safe with us you will be subjected to security screening while flying with Fly Tristar. It is our request that you familiarise yourself with items that are classified as dangerous in air transport.

 Each Passenger is allowed a checked in luggage of 20 Kgs and a carry one hand bag of 5kg.

In case of damage to the baggage this must be brought to the attention of Fly Tristar in writing at the time of delivery. Fly Tristar liability towards any loss is equivalent to $ 100 per bag and customers are advised to always take private insurance for their personal belongings. In cases of damage liability will be limited to US$10 per kilogram. Damaged baggage will be considered on an individual basis depending on the extent of damage. Scratches or opened zips will not be considered. Any liability or compensation for damaged baggage will not exceed $100 per bag. In addition Tristar air will not take any responsibility whatsoever for any valuables lost in the checked in baggage.

Excess Baggage

A charge is applicable for any extra weight $ 10.00/kg with a minimum charge of $ 30.00/bag.

Unaccompanied Baggage/ Freight:

This will attract a charge of $ 2.50/Kg +VAT 16% subject to payload and space availability. Tristar is under no obligation to uplift this because our priority is on passenger baggage and are therefore will not be held liable should there be a delay or an offload for whatever reason. Customers are advised to seek a separate insurance policy to cover on damage while on transit.  

Items classified as dangerous are as listed below and cannot be loaded in carry in hand luggage on board the cabin. Be guided that this list is not exhaustive. However, our staff will always be at hand to give guidelines prior to checking in at the respective stations.

  1.  Darts
  2.  Leather Man
  3.  Swiss Knife
  4.  Razor Blades
  5.  Walking Sticks
  6.   Paper Knives
  7.  Razor Blades
  8.  Toy guns
  9.  Household cutlery
  10.  Syringes
  11.  Scissors
  12.  Baseball bats or bats of any nature
  13. Hockey Sticks
  14. Tool Kits & Tools

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